Winter Solstice

Southwest Meditations

John Huling

Winter Solstice CD John Huling Package

Winter Solstice



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Winter Solstice - Contemplative Music for Dreams of the Spirit

Winter Solstice – Southwest Meditations – Native American Flute – Over 60 minutes of musical stories for healing the heart, mind and spirit are on this CD.

Kyaamuya (ki-ya-moo-ya) or Winter is a time of reverence and respect for the spirit. It’s also a time for ceremonies with “storytelling”…stories of the past, present and of future events. The Moon and sky also have a special meaning during this time… the shortest day of the year… Winter Solstice.

These musical stories unfold with haunting Native American flute melodies, meditative drumming and numerous other new, rarely heard instruments including the “Hang Drum” and the “Cristal Baschet”, all enveloped with the soothing sounds of nature that John Huling’s music is famous for. Winter Solstice – Southwest Meditations- is contemplative peaceful music for meditation, dreaming and for healing your spirit. Kyaamuya.

Recorded 2008-2011. Released 2011.

“I’ve been listening to John Huling’s music for more than 20 years… I love it!”

Randy P.

Saguaro Cactus during Winter Solstice Snow
Saguaro Cactus during Winter Solstice Snow

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