Southwest Passages

Musical Visions and Journeys into the Past

John Huling

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Southwest Passages



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Southwest Passages - Native American Flute, World Instruments and the Sounds of Nature from the Desert of North America

Southwest Passages takes you on a musical journey into the Southwest Native American Deserts. Native American Flutes, Drum beats and other world instruments melodically portray the beauty and grandeur of this vast area of the Southwest United States.

Southwest Passages includes brooks, birds, thunder, rain and many other gorgeously recorded nature sounds from John Huling’s personal nature recording collection. These beautiful sounds provide a calming and relaxing backdrop to these hauntingly beautiful compositions.

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Recorded 2006-2008. Released 2008.

Take a musical journey amongst the Canyons, Mesas and Ruins of the Desert Southwest with John Huling’s in Southwest Passages.

John Huling has been a #1 Bestseller for over 20 years years! He remains one of the top 10 best-sellers of all time in the Native American Flute Music genre!

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Southwest Passages | Petroglyphs Utah

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