Return to Spiritlands

More Musical Visions from the Southwest

John Huling

Return to Spiritlands John Huling - Original CD Cover Art

Return to Spiritlands




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Return to Spiritlands CD - Now called Ancient Canyons

Native American Flutes, Indian Drums with a host of other instruments round out these beautifully inspired “musical stories.” Return to Spiritlands now called Ancient Canyons is a continuation of the Spiritlands and Desert Plateaus music. This is John Huling’s fifth album from his hugely successful “Musical Visions of the Southwest” series.

These “musical stories” reflect the beauty and grandeur of the Southwest like no other music you have ever heard. Whispering winds, gentle rains, distant thunder, babbling brooks, birds, coyotes and other animals murmur in the distance as you journey back again and again in…Return to Spiritlands.

Return to Spiritlands was re-titled by the record label Ancient Canyons. Return to Spiritlands is the exact same music as Ancient Canyons. So if you already own one of those titles you don’t need to buy the other. We would like to suggest Southwest Passages, Plateau of Dreams or some of the other new titles from John Huling.

Recorded 1991-1998. Released 1998

“We gaze across the plateaus and mesas of a land time seems to have forgotten. We hear the sounds of children, long past, laughing and playing in the fields of corn. Loving mothers and fathers are gathering and working amongst the plazas of stone. We feel an overwhelming sense of peace. As we close our eyes the midnight sky thunders and the elders of yesterday whisper their ancient stories…the stories of the Spiritlands.”

John Huling

Ancient Canyons CD by John Huling | AKA Return to Spiritlands
Ancient Canyons CD by John Huling | AKA Return to Spiritlands

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