Mesa Sunrise

Musical Visions and Journeys into the Past

John Huling

Mesa Sunrise CD John Huling Package

Mesa Sunrise



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Mesa Sunrise - Compilation

Mesa Sunrise – The Essential John Huling contains songs from earlier albums such as Desert Plateaus, Canyon Spirit, Spiritlands, Return to Spiritlands, In the Land of Dreams, etc.

Mesa Sunrise is sold out. We suggest these favorites: Plateau of Dreams, Winter Solstice, Prayers in the Wind or Dreams of the Spirit.

The earlier Huling CD albums contain the songs in their entirety and are part of the “Musical Visions and Stories of the Southwest Series” in their original “full length” form. 
Mesa Sunrise – The Essential John Huling reflects the natural beauty of the mesas and canyons located in today’s southwestern national parks and celebrates the spirit of the ancient Anasazi civilizations that once dwelt in them.

Recorded 1991-1998. Released 2002.

Mesa Sunrise: The Essential John Huling
A musical and artful showcase of the natural beauty of the Southwest Desert. Native American flutes and drums blended with the recorded sounds of nature make Mesa Sunrise a welcome and valued addition to any Native American music collection. Included in this collection of songs are:

  1. Sunrise on East Mesa | Return to Spiritlands 1998
  2. Wupatki | Desert Plateaus 1991
  3. Breath of the Mountain | Spiritlands 1993
  4. Earth| In the Land of Dreams 1996
  5. Nightfall on Hoskinnini Plateau | Return to Spiritlands
  6. Night of the Mockingbird | In the Land of Dreams
  7. Forgotten Plateaus | Desert Plateaus 1991
  8. Night on the Mesa | Desert Plateaus 1991
  9. Sacred Rituals | Canyon Spirit 1992
  10. Lost Canyons | Spiritlands 1993

John’s Native American flutes are accompanied by a variety of other instruments that further enhance the music with the soothing natural sounds of nature recorded around the Mesas and Canyons of the Southwest. Great music for healing the mind, body and spirit.

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