Finding Sanctuary

Music for Comfort & Healing

John Huling

Finding Sanctuary - John Huling - Music for Comfort and Healing - Native American Flutes with Gregorian Chant

Finding Sanctuary

Native Flutes with Gregorian Chant


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Finding Sanctuary - Music for Comfort & Healing

We are all trying to “Find Sanctuary” in our lives at one time or another. Perhaps this is more true today than ever before. I believe this “Healing Music” in Finding Sanctuary will bring a deep sense of comfort and peace to the soul…a ”Sanctuary” if you will.

Some years ago while working on a project for a Monastery I received a few CD’s of Gregorian Chant music from the Monks as a gift. I noticed the similarities between Gregorian Chant and Native American song structure. There are the same spiritual aspects in my music as well.

Recently, I came across some Gregorian music that had a gorgeous tone. It had the feeling and emotion I wanted….ideal for blending the Gregorian Chant and Native Flutes. 

Putting enough time aside to create an album of this magnitude turned out to be much more of an undertaking than I could have imagined. Creating an album of Native American flutes and other ancient flutes along with Gregorian Chant involved translating the musical intent of both cultures.

Finding Sanctuary Lily Pond - Morning Light - John Huling
Finding Sanctuary - Lily Pond - Morning Light

Musical styles from various cultures can be quite different while some are remarkably similar. There is always something very comforting and spiritual in both styles of this music. The sound, the melodies and the “feeling” of both Native flutes and Gregorian music were beautiful together. For me at least, the two musical styles go together in a very special way.

The more I learned about Gregorian music, the more I found the same notes being performed or sung just like the Native flute music. Astoundingly, the notes were often almost identical in key, rhythm and emotional feel. In the academic world it’s called the Pentatonic Scale. These two styles of music compliment each other wonderfully. Most importantly the “Spiritual Intent” of both forms of music is always to evoke and maintain a healing, comforting “Sanctuary” like atmosphere.

With an immense amount of help from my beloved wife Joni, we put together a collection of these songs using both Native American flutes and authentic “Old Style” 5th Century Gregorian Chant. I hope you too will “Find Sanctuary”, Comfort and the Healing Sense of Peace we have found in this music as well.

Finding Sanctuary
Music for Comfort & Healing
John and Joni Huling

Release date: November 2021

Finding Sanctuary total time: 63 minutes

John’s flute performances on Finding Sanctuary are accompanied by literally some of the best Gregorian Chant Singers in the world. In addition to John’s Native American Flutes, he also performs and composes with a variety of other instruments. Many of the songs include the gentle sounds of nature as well. “Finding Sanctuary” will surely bring you a sense of peace and comfort with each listening experience.

Finding Sanctuary - Tree Lined Sanctuary Road
Tree lined road to "Sanctuary"

Hear the gentle breeze in the trees and the soft life giving waters while beautiful song birds guide you along the path to “Finding Sanctuary”.

Finding Sanctuary - Ancient Gregorian Music Parchment
Ancient Gregorian Music Parchment

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Finding Sanctuary Video Native Flutes - Gregorian Chant - John Huling Music
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