Canyon Spirit

Native American Flute

John Huling

Canyon Spirit CD John Huling | Original Cover Art​ Package

Canyon Spirit

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Canyon Spirit CD - Solo Native American Flute music with the Sounds of Nature

Canyon Spirit by John Huling is melodic Solo Native American Flute Music played with true heartfelt emotion. Canyon Spirit was recorded “live” amongst the Native American ruins of the Ancient Canyons in and around the Canyonlands of the Great Desert Southwest. There are no other instruments…just the sounds of Native American Flutes and nature.

The Native American Indian ruins of the Anasazi, who lived deep in the canyons and high amongst the mesas and plateaus of this mystical Southwestern landscape, provide the perfect “Music for the Spirit”. It’s the perfect music for yoga or tranquil meditation. The contemplative backdrop for these exquisite Native American flute songs includes soft babbling brooks, birds and other beautiful nature sounds that weave their own gentle melodies in the distance as the spirits of the past echo in the canyons.

If Solo Native American flute music with the sounds of nature is what you want then… Canyon Spirit and the new Prayers in the Wind by John Huling are the ones to get!

Recorded 1991-1993. Released 1993

“If you want to listen to John Huling playing just Native American Flutes with the sounds of nature this is the one to get. Especially unique to Canyon Spirit is that many of the songs were recorded live.”

Mike G.

John’s Native American flutes are accompanied by nothing more than the soothing sounds of nature recorded live around the Mesas and Canyons of the Southwest. An absolutely wonderful album of more traditional Native flute melodies. Canyon Spirit is a must have for lovers of the Native American Flute. Also, try the new release Prayers in the Wind.

Canyon Spirit CD John Huling
Canyon Spirit CD Cover 2003-2021
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Canyon Spirit NVCD1007

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