Blue Canyons

Oceans of the World

John Huling

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Blue Canyons


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Blue Canyons CD

John Huling’s Blue Canyons is a soothing blend of acoustic and electronic instruments. Piano, Pan Flutes and various other instruments make up the “musical palette” from which John creates these beautiful songs.

From the gently singing Humpback Whales and Pan Flutes of “BLUE CANYONS” to the bubbling happiness of “FISHES DANCE” Blue Canyons is a masterpiece of musical enjoyment that can be herd  over and over again. See Jelly Music

Recorded 1986-1990. Released 1990

  1. Blue Canyons
  2. Peaceful Journey
  3. Country Drive
  4. On Our Way
  5. Trials End
  6. Misty Waters
  7. Best Friends
  8. Back Home
  9. Coastal Rainforest
  10. Sunrise
  11. Last Rainmaker
  12. Fishes Dance

Playing all the instruments, Huling adds the soothing contemplative sounds of his Pan Flute, Soft Guitar, Harp, Oboe, Piano.

Blue Canyons explores the musical imagery in his “Oceans of the World” series. The sounds of Ocean Whales and the deep waters off the Monterey Coast of Big Sur California.

John Huling at Soberanes Point not far from his Big Sur/Pacific Grove California Home - 1988
John Huling Big Sur Coast 1989

John Huling made his home along with his wife Joni along the Big Sur Coast for many years.

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