3 New John Huling Southwest Meditation CD’s

Healing, Prayerful Music from John Huling for the Mind Body and Spirit - Southwest Meditations | Set of 3 New CD's ideal for healing, prayer and meditation | Available Now - Buy at $12 each or $30 for the entire set of three.

3 New Southwest Meditations CD's

I mentioned in my last post I’ve been working on some new music for some time now. A lot of you know that I have had some health issues. Part of trying to get healthy again has been praying and meditating while listening to some “calming music”. I must say, it has made a difference in how I feel. Although I’m still facing some challenges I have found some comfort in just letting my thoughts drift off with this music. I had intended to release this new music earlier this year but life events and health issues just prevented me from doing so.

So, finally I have the 3 new releases finished. They are Healing Waters, Dreams of the Spirit and Prayers in the Wind. They are available for purchase now. They will ship in a few days. I will post some more about them real soon describing what the new music is and how I created it. What I can say now is that the 3 CD’s go great together as they were meant. Although you can purchase them separately they really do go nice together as a set. This music was created with that in mind.

You will find that one of the CDs, Prayers in the Wind, is Solo Native American Flute with nature sounds. I have not recorded a release like this since 1993’s Canyon Spirit. I’ve received so many requests over the years to do another Solo Native American flute album, I finally did. Using some of my favorite flutes collected over many years, this music is very special to us and I hope to you too. The recording technology is so much better now than it was almost 30 years ago. It manages to capture every nuance and bit of emotion possible in these new Native flute songs.  Joni and I want to thank you for all the wonderful heartfelt comments and emails we have received.

Shipping Now
Music for Healing, Meditation and Prayer

Buy individually at $12 or as a complete set of three for $30

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