North Star Meditations


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North Star Meditations-Healing Music for the Spirit CD

North Star Meditations

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North Star Meditations - CD
Music for Healing the Spirit

  1. Under Desert Skies 6:08
  2. Stars 3:56
  3. Sleeping Desert 6:44
  4. Embryonic Journey 6:08
  5. Two Stars 5:13
  6. Healing 4:46
  7. Winter Prayer 4:29
  8. Mother’s Dream 4:50
  9. North Star 2:05
  10. Southern Skies 4:57

"I have been asked many times, to put together a collection of some of my favorite "healing songs" to meditate to.
There are so many but North Star Meditations has a few of my favorites, including 4 new songs. I wanted to share these with you. I know that many of these songs are special to you as well."

John Huling

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North Star Meditations Nathaniel Parke - Cello
Nathaniel Parke

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North Star Meditations CD - Music for Healing the Spirit
John Huling's North Star Meditations is a special collection of soft, gentle, meditative "favorites", including 4 new songs that will “lift and heal your spirit”. Huling's native American flute music is inspired from the Southwest Desert Plateaus of the Four Corners Area of Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. View full size image of North Star Meditations CD Cover.


John's Native American flutes are accompanied by a variety of other instruments enhanced with the soothing natural sounds of nature recorded around the Mesas and Canyons of the Southwest.


North Star Meditations is truly a healing meditative musical experience. John created this music for healing the mind, body and spirit.


Thanks again to cellist Nathaniel Parke. Nathaniel's unparalleled cello performance on Mother's Dream is very touching. Prior to recording Mother's Dream, John and Nathaniel shared some personal stories and talked about the meaning of the song. It treally added to this beautiful piece of music.
Also, a very special thank you to Daniel "Danny" Brown for his inspirational artwork on the cover of North Star Meditations CD.
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