Lost Oceans


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John Huling Lost Oceans
Lost Oceans


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Lost Oceans MP3 music samples
Primitive Beginnings 6:22
Encounter 4:58
Two Worlds 3:35
Hope 6:35
Across the Seas 2:35
Whale Dreams 6:20
Lost Oceans 12:14

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Lost Oceans by John Huling evokes beautiful musical visions and imaginings from the space above and below the oceans of our world. From the "Oceans of the World Series" and heard at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California Huling's music has been heard by millions of people from around the world. Lost Oceans can be heard at numerous other Aquariums around the world as well.

Lost Oceans includes Pan Flutes, Synthesizers, Whales, Shorebirds and Gentle Ocean Waves that provide the listener with a relaxing musical odyssey. Huling's strong sense of melody is accented with ocean surf and crying seagulls framing each track. He uses synthesizers, pan flutes, angelic voices, supported by electric piano, assorted percussion, and acoustic guitar, to conjure up his impressionistic visions of the earth's mighty ocean waters.

The album opens to the bouncy kalimba refrain of "Primitive Beginnings," moving through several mid-tempo pieces until slowing down on "Hope," where the panflutes and keyboards create an almost hymn-like atmosphere. "Whale Dreams" is an outstanding evocation of the almost mystical presence of the great cetaceans, with mystical sounds surging forward then receding over a constant heartbeat and the deep sleepy sounds of the whales themselves. The album ends with the 12-minute title track, a slow dreamy piece featuring echoey pan flutes and shifting ocean waves. (now on the compilation Jelly Music)
Lost Oceans demonstrates a new level of artistic depth in John Huling's work and is his most mature and satisfying offering yet.
Also from the John Huling Musical Visions Series hear Jelly Music

John Huling near Sobranes Point along the Big Sur Coast California 1989
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