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John Huling Jelly Music

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Blue Canyons 4:33 Jelly Music Theme
Peaceful Journey1:49 - Blue Canyons CD
Two Worlds 3:39 - Lost Oceans CD
Before the Dawn 3:38 - Shorelines CD
Quiet Harbor 2:33 - Open Spaces CD
Drifters 2:45
Fishes Dance 6:38 - Blue Canyons CD
Hope 6:30 - Lost Oceans CD
Pacific Winds 5:57 - Open Spaces CD
Lost Oceans 12:18 - Lost Oceans CD

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John Huling Jelly Fish Music photo of " Moon Jellies "
Moon Jellies

from the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Jelly Fish that inspired the original "Jelly Music" in 1989.

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Jelly Music

Music from Lost Oceans

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John Huling's world famous Jelly Music (or Jelly Fish music as it has come to be known) has been heard by millions of nature fans at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California since 1989. Now the Jelly Music CD is heard worldwide at other aquariums as well. This exquisite original music by John Huling provides the audio backgrounds for numerous Aquarium and nature exhibits around the world that have Jelly Fish in their exhibits.
Ethereal sounding pan flute music set against the sound of gentle rolling ocean waves and tidal pools along with the sounds of Humpback whales from the deep blue sea creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Take an imaginary and peaceful journey to the undersea world with Jelly Music!

Monterey Bay Aquarium Music - John Huling

Who did the original music at the Monterey Bay Aquarium? John Huling composed the original music for the Living Treasures of the Pacific at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in 1987 entitled "Open Spaces" and "Pacific Winds". It is the longest running music in the history of any public Aquarium or museum. Jelly Music is still popular and sells 20 years after it was originally composed for the Jellies Exhibit.
Thousands upon thousands of Huling's Open Spaces, Blue Canyons, Shorelines and Lost Oceans cassettes and CDs have been sold throughout the world. So Huling decided to compile some of the most requested songs from the "Oceans of the World Series" music he had composed. John Huling's Jelly Music has been heard at nearly every Aquarium around the world from Osaka, Japan, to the Boston Aquarium. Huling's music has been heard by millions upon millions of fans world wide who stroll through these exhibits. If you are interested in hearing the real original best selling aquarium music in history this is the music that started it all. Musical Visions from the "Oceans of the World Series".You might also enjoy North Star Meditations.

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