Ancestral Waters


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John Huling Ancestral Waters
Ancestral Waters


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John Huling's Ancestral Waters journeys into the distant past of the Native American landscape. Huling's Flute Music is featured throughout the Native American Museum at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.
Drawing upon his ancestry, Huling uses haunting Native American flutes, acoustic guitar, piano and other instruments to melodically portray these Ancestral Musical Visions. Once again, Huling expands the musical boundaries with his mastery of the Native American Flute with Ancestral Waters. Ancestral Waters Posters Available
"As always... Huling's original musical master piece".
The gentle whisper of rivers, brooks, birds, thunder, rain and the many other sounds of nature provide a calming, relaxing and meditative backdrop to this beautiful music from John Huling 's eleventh release.

Customer Reviews...

John Huling is the original expert and master at crafting Musical Soundscapes for more than 25 years that mirror the majesty of the Ancient Lands of the Native southwest...
Huling takes his fans to new levels with Ancestral Waters...
Ecologically rich musical vistas like meadows, grasslands and riverbeds.

Huling's release, Ancestral Waters uses acoustic meditative instrumentation. Some Keyboards and Synthesizers are present, but are relinquished to an almost unnoticeable role in the backdrop. Besides Huling's beautiful flute playing, these sonic panoramas gravitate around the guitar with gentle "finger style" guitar playing (influenced by his friend Will Ackerman of Windham Hill fame), piano and nature sounds. With strong organic hues and serene melodies, the music of this album will bring listeners peace while setting their imaginations a flight.
Highly recommended! Five out of Five Stars!
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Niagara Falls photo by John Huling copyright 1963
Niagara Falls 1963


Second Mesa Arizona
On the Way
to Second Mesa
Arizona 1990

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